At Briter Minds we help you optimise your business through your most powerful resource: your people.

As communication experts, we can tailor and structure the continuous professional development for your staff and teams to ensure the maximum efficiency and effectiveness for your business. With courses currently available in Belfast, Dublin, and throughout Ireland and the UK, see what we can offer for you and your business.

Briter Minds specialises in designing and delivering bespoke  Leadership and Communication Training to SMEs and The Education Sector.

We bring an holistic approach to our training programmes, recognising everyone’s importance in your company.

Most leaders are sitting on a treasure trove of untapped talent. Our programmes  focus on the inherent thinking types and  personal strengths of your leadership team and employees, which will subsequently  illuminate that talent resulting in a more engaged workforce.

The training process will equip your organisation with insights and strategies on how to develop whole-brained teams ensuring management and leadership roles are distributed effectively and efficiently.

Leaders and middle managers will also learn how to motivate self and others by use of language and understanding of others.

Our tailor made in-company training courses include a blend of Neuro-Lingustic Programming principles, drama role-play, leadership insights and various psychometric assessments.

Seminars offered

  • Creating and Developing Whole-Brained Teams – Managers and Leaders
  • Employee Engagement & Motivation
  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Customer Service Training using Drama Role Play
  • Client Rapport
  • Presentation Skills using Elocution and NLP
  • Business Writing