Business Writing

Are your employees protecting your business’ professional image with fluent and concise e-mails?

Are your business’ external written correspondences accessible and professional?

Does your business have an established writing etiquette?

Are your employees equipped with simple processes to write effective emails confidently?

In our new digital age, we have witnessed the amount of emails eclipsing faxes, phone calls and air mail. Unfortunately, the increase in their popularity has contributed to a weaker  standard of the written content. Paradoxically, emails are the electronic fingerprint of your company’s, and employees’, professionalism.

Many businesses have overlooked the importance of establishing a business writing etiquette for their company, subsequently leaving their employees unsure on how to construct and write effective, concise and professional emails.

At Briter Minds we offer in-company business writing seminars customised to your business’ and employees’ needs.

You will benefit from:

  • An established company business writing etiquette
  • Easy-to-use writing frameworks for e-mails, report writing, external written correspondences, letter writing and memo
  • Knowing which layout to apply to ensure your correspondences are accessible and read
  • Hints on how to avoid common grammatical errors
  • Tips on how to proof read
  • Easy-to-remember guidelines on how to write logical, concise and fluent emails which convey the message effectively and professionally