Customer Service Training Using Drama Role-Play

Do your customer service team always put your customer first and exceed their expectations?

Do they follow a company etiquette when dealing with customers?

Does your team always show empathy, courtesy and professionalism when dealing with the customer?

At Briter Minds we deliver customer service training using drama role-play to optimise the learning experience for the delegate.

We give customer facing staff skills to ensure that they can be counted on to give your company a good reputation. Training sessions will include communication training using the mentioned N.L.P. techniques and Balanced Thinking Framework. Delegates will learn through role-playing possible customer service scenarios.

This training will allow customer service representatives to:

  • Understand and value the customer’s needs
  • Be familiar with the company’s etiquette for greeting, informing and guiding customers
  • Create rapport with the client, or customer, using N. L. P. techniques
  • Be equipped to handle customer complaints professionally and efficiently
  • Go beyond the expected
  • Recognise and capitalise on opportunities to increase sales
  • Use and benefit from a customer feedback system