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“Effective communication is 20% what you know and 80% how you feel about what you know.”

John Rohn


CPD Training for Teachers, Subject Leaders and Senior Leaders

  CPD Training for Teachers, Subject Leaders and Senior Leaders   Classroom Management: Rapport Building Using Language and Body Language […]

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Customer Service Training Using Drama Role-Play

Do your customer service team always put your customer first and exceed their expectations?

Do they follow a company etiquette when dealing with customers?

Does your team always show empathy, courtesy and professionalism when dealing with the customer?

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Employee Engagement & Motivation

Are you maximising the benefits of your business’ biggest expenditure – its employees?

Are you illuminating their potential to benefit the development of your business?

Can you recognise and utilise the various thinking styles and skills available within your Human Resources?

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Education & Schools

Briter Minds for Learning At Briter Minds we design and deliver tailor-made programmes to benefit your students’ emotional, social and […]

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Communication Skills Using N.L.P.

Have you ever wondered why a message you have communicated has not been received?

Have you ever wondered why things that are obvious to you, aren’t to others?

Have you ever felt you don’t speak the same language as the person who shares your mother tongue?

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Leadership Coaching

With effective leadership being the key to success, what steps and techniques are your management team implementing to ensure that all your employees reach their full potential?

Do they have the skills and communication abilities to instruct, inspire and organise?

Are they being efficient and effective in the way they communicate?

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Business Writing

Are your employees protecting your business’ professional image with fluent and concise e-mails?

Are your business’ external written correspondences accessible and professional?

Does your business have an established writing etiquette?

Are your employees equipped with simple processes to write effective emails confidently?

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